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Infracolor Sauna

Infracolor Sauna

Infracolor Sauna is an innovative wellness service that combines the benefits of infrared sauna therapy with color light therapy. This unique treatment is designed to provide a holistic approach to health and wellness, targeting various body areas. The Infracolor Sauna emits infrared light, penetrating deep into the tissues, muscles, and joints, providing relief and promoting healing. The color light therapy aspect uses different colors to stimulate specific responses in the body, such as relaxation, detoxification, and improved mood. This service is ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their well-being, manage pain, reduce stress, and improve skin health. After a few sessions, results can typically be observed, with ongoing treatments contributing to longer-lasting effects.

To experience the full range of benefits Infracolor Sauna offers, consider booking an appointment at MV Spa, Aesthetics and Wellness in Logan, UT. A member of our team is dedicated to providing you with personalized care, ensuring that each session is tailored to meet your specific wellness goals. Start your journey to enhanced well-being today – book your Infracolor Sauna session now.

Add-ons Available

Infracolor Sauna Salt Therapy

Elevate your Infracolor Sauna experience with our Salt Therapy add-on. This unique combination harnesses the purifying power of salt to enhance respiratory health, skin rejuvenation, and overall wellness. As you relax in the soothing warmth of the Infracolor Sauna, breathe in the micro-particles of natural salt, known for its therapeutic properties in alleviating respiratory issues and promoting clearer, healthier skin. This serene experience detoxifies the body and calms the mind, making it a perfect escape from daily stress.

Infracolor Sauna Aromatherapy

Transform your Infracolor Sauna session into a sensory journey with our Aromatherapy add-on. This treatment infuses the warm, comforting environment of the sauna with essential oils, each selected for its unique healing properties. Whether you're seeking relaxation, invigoration, or mental clarity, our tailored aromatherapy blends enhance the sauna's benefits by stimulating the senses, promoting more profound peace, and elevating mood. Immerse yourself in this aromatic experience to achieve a harmonious balance of body and mind.

Benefits of Infracolor Sauna


Master Esthetician Skin Consultation

  • Ready to start your skin health journey? Book a FREE consultation with one of our Master Estheticians to create a treatment and home care plan that best addresses your goals.
20 minutes

Weight Management Consultation

  • Ready to take weight loss to the next level? Our Semaglutide Injection contains a natural hormone to help suppress appetite, leaving you feeling full for longer. Schedule a consultation with one of our providers to see if you’re a potential candidate. The $150 consultation fee will go towards your first month of weekly Semaglutide Injections to reveal the best you!
30 minutes

Men's Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultation

  • Experiencing fatigue, weight gain, and low sex drive? It’s time to get your hormone levels checked! Schedule a consultation with one of our providers to test your natural testosterone levels. The $100 consultation fee will go towards your first month of weekly hormone injections to help you feel your best.
30 minutes

New Patient IV Therapy Consultation

  • In-person or Teleconsult virtually to determine which IV Therapy services are most suited to your needs and wellness goals.

Good Faith Exam

  • The purpose of these exams is to ensure that the procedure is necessary and that it is the best option for the patient.

Consultation Required

  • Welcome to MV Aesthetics! We're thrilled to have you here. If you have something specific in mind or any other concerns, we would be more than happy to discuss them with you. At MV Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on creating personalized anti-aging programs tailored to each patient. We offer various options and treatments to help you achieve your desired goals. Let's explore the possibilities together and create a customized plan that suits your needs perfectly!


Almost anyone seeking to improve their overall wellness can benefit from Infracolor Sauna, especially those dealing with stress, muscle pain, or skin concerns.
Results can vary, but many clients notice improvements after just a few sessions.
With regular sessions, the benefits of Infracolor Sauna, such as stress relief and improved skin health, can have long-lasting effects.
There is no downtime, and side effects are rare. Clients typically feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a session.
Stay hydrated before and after your session. Avoid heavy meals before your appointment, and let your body cool down naturally afterward.
Expect a relaxing experience where you’ll be exposed to infrared and color light in a controlled environment to promote wellness and relaxation.

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